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Aqua Libra Tap Innovation comes to Vending from Britvic

Britvic has announced the introduction of its Aqua Libra filtered water tap innovation to the UK vending market. This move offers vending operators a new product choice, complementing their existing coffee machine businesses. The Aqua Libra taps, designed for various environments including workplaces and hospitality venues, dispense ambient, chilled, sparkling, and boiling water. These taps...


Sodexo and Bear Robotics Collaborate to Introduce Robots in Healthcare Facilities

Sodexo, a global provider of food, facilities, and health services, has partnered with Bear Robotics, a Silicon Valley company specializing in indoor self-driving service robots, to enhance patient care and staff support in healthcare facilities. This collaboration aims to leverage robotic technology to navigate complex indoor environments efficiently and reliably. Molly Matthews, CEO of Sodexo...


Kepak Introduces Innovative Hot Vend Kiosk to UK Market

Kepak has launched a pioneering automated retail solution in the UK, the Hot Vend Kiosk, designed to enhance the out-of-home (OOH) channel. This unique vending machine, exclusive to Kepak, dispenses hot Cook-in-Box range burgers, including Cheese Melt, Breakfast Muffin, and Peri Peri Chicken, in just 80 seconds. With a capacity of 52 items, the Hot...


Enrique Tomás Implements New Digital Signage in Airport Vending Machines

Enrique Tomás, the world’s largest ham chain, has introduced a new digital signage platform in its innovative vending machines at Barcelona Airport. These machines, totaling 30 in the first phase, are strategically placed throughout the airport and operate 24/7, offering a variety of products including different types of Iberian ham, sandwiches, snacks, and the brand’s...