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Matt Woodhams is the mind behind Vending Bible. His journey with vending started more than 15 years ago. Before that, he worked in technology and retail. Overwhelmed by overhead costs and location fees, he decided to seek a way to sell non-traditional products through vending machines. Little did he know this was a massive challenge that allowed him to learn the secrets of the industry from the best in the business and, in the process, changed his career path and his view on how to sell and why people buy.

Matt’s expertise in vending spans a wide array of industries, from traditional snack and beverage machines to cutting-edge technological solutions. He has introduced vending services in various sectors, ranging from dispensing affordable one-dollar snacks to high-end three-hundred-dollar iPads. His journey has led him to secure locations in shopping malls, subways, bus stations, and even in specialized areas requiring a unique vending approach, such as the mining sector and correctional facilities.

Whether navigating the complexities of conventional vending setups or pioneering innovative tech-driven solutions, Matt has experienced the full spectrum of what the vending world has to offer. All of this accumulated knowledge and experience is now channeled into VendingBible.com, an online community he founded to share insights, connect with fellow vending enthusiasts, and help newcomers navigate the often complex world of vending. It’s a space for learning, sharing, and growing together, fueled by Matt’s passion for vending and his desire to see others succeed in the industry.