Enrique Tomás, the world’s largest ham chain, has introduced a new digital signage platform in its innovative vending machines at Barcelona Airport. These machines, totaling 30 in the first phase, are strategically placed throughout the airport and operate 24/7, offering a variety of products including different types of Iberian ham, sandwiches, snacks, and the brand’s new product, Tomasón. Each machine is equipped with one to five 50” LCD screens, featuring custom-made brackets for perfect product display and promotion, enhancing customer attraction and sales.

The digital displays integrate nsign.tv’s digital signage player, reducing hardware investment and supporting a more sustainable, green signage approach. This platform allows Enrique Tomás to effectively manage product campaigns and corporate imaging across multiple screens, regardless of their size and location. The intuitive platform facilitates content organization, scheduling, and broadcasting, adaptable to various content formats. Looking ahead, Enrique Tomás plans to expand this unassisted vending model to high-traffic locations like subway stations and football stadiums, leveraging the dynamic and attractive visual content to increase sales.

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