Kepak has launched a pioneering automated retail solution in the UK, the Hot Vend Kiosk, designed to enhance the out-of-home (OOH) channel. This unique vending machine, exclusive to Kepak, dispenses hot Cook-in-Box range burgers, including Cheese Melt, Breakfast Muffin, and Peri Peri Chicken, in just 80 seconds. With a capacity of 52 items, the Hot Vend Kiosk represents a significant advancement in automated retail, offering a convenient, 24/7 hot food solution for consumers on the go.

Carl Hunter, Automated Retail and New Business Controller at Kepak, highlights the importance of this innovation amidst rising demand for low-cost, grab-and-go eating options, a trend intensified by the increasing cost of living. Initially introduced in Luton and Stanstead airports, Kepak plans to expand this technology to other high-traffic areas like mass transit, higher education, and forecourts nationwide. The Hot Vend Kiosk, featuring touch screen pay-and-go and quick dispense technology, is part of Kepak’s broader strategy to provide comprehensive automated retail and vending solutions in partnership with industry leaders.

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