Britvic has announced the introduction of its Aqua Libra filtered water tap innovation to the UK vending market. This move offers vending operators a new product choice, complementing their existing coffee machine businesses. The Aqua Libra taps, designed for various environments including workplaces and hospitality venues, dispense ambient, chilled, sparkling, and boiling water. These taps feature advanced technology for energy efficiency and sustainability, and are a significant addition to Britvic’s product range.

The Aqua Libra brand, already known for its ‘Aqua Libra’ infused water can range, has further expanded its offerings with the Flavour Tap. This new product uses micro-dosing, IoT, and Cloud technologies to serve still and sparkling natural flavored water without preservatives, sugar, or calories. The Flavour Tap, which has won several awards and featured in consumer media, aligns with the growing demand for healthy and sustainable beverage options in the workplace and is already used by major companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon.

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